Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Professional Bowlers Are Really Good

I have been an avid bowler nearly all my life. I have been bowling for close to 25 years. After all that time I finally realized part of my dream and became a professional bowler. I thought I was awesome. The first PBA tournament I bowled in was a PBA regional in Surfside Beach, SC. In the qualifying round, I shot 1564 over a span of 8 games and missed the cut by only 21 pins. I thought I was the man. Now, I have bowled in 9 total tournaments, I only average a little less than 180, and I have never made a cut or made money. The problem that most people do not realize is that the PBA bowls under different conditions you bowl on in your typical house shot league. Most typical house shots have around 40 feet of oil and are very forgiving. You can actually miss your target by quite a bit and your bowling ball be redirected to the pocket and strike. This is actually inflating your average quite a bit. When bowling on a PBA pattern, you do not have this luxury and spare shooting becomes a must. Bottom line, you are not going to strike near as much on a PBA pattern. Also, spare shooting becomes more difficult as your bowling ball reacts differently on different parts of the lane, and the typical way you shoot at a corner pin can make you miss drastically if you try and hook your bowling ball to pick it up. Do not think that just because you average over 200 you can beat the guys that bowl on Sundays on ESPN. I can promise you they are better than you think. If you do not believe me, go to Youtube and search for trick shot videos from the PBA tour guys. What they can do with a bowling ball is none other than amazing. If you really want to get better, you need to learn about bowling ball characteristics, how you should layout your bowling ball, what type of surface to use, how to play the lanes, and a whole lot more if you want to be a successful PBA bowler. Good luck if you have the same dream as me to hopefully one day be bowling for a PBA Tour title!

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