Monday, August 31, 2009

Opening Week of the NFL Season For the Carolina Panthers

Opening day for the NFL season starts Thursday, September 10th, and although I cannot wait, the more important day for me is Sunday September 13th. This is the day that the Carolina Panthers first take the field of battle against the Philadelphia Eagles. Why could we not start out by playing the Detroit Lions? Four words come to mind. Donovan, McNabb, Michael, and Vick. Although our record versus Vick is not that bad, he has had some pretty good luck facing the Panthers. And versus the Philadelphia Eagles, they lead the series 4 – 2, so they have had pretty good luck against us as well, including a win in the 2003-2004 NFC Championship game. I really hope that we can find a way to start the year off with a win, but I am a bit nervous. However, in any event, we are on the dawn of yet another exciting NFL season, and I am so excited I had to write about it! Go Panthers!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recycle Plastic Bottles: It Only Takes 5 To Make a Jacket

Tonight I was watching Extreme Mega Factories on the Travel Channel, and they began a segment on a factory in my home state of North Carolina. The factory was in Yadkinvillee and it was Repreve, which is the largest factory in the world that deals with recycled plastics. They were talking about all the different things that can be made with recycled plastic bottles, and then they said something that amazed me. Do you know how many plastic bottles it takes to make a fleece jacket? 5. No that is not a typo. The next time you recycle 5 plastic bottles, you just recycled enough to make someone a fleece jacket to stay warm this winter. I could not pass the opportunity by to use this information as a reminder that recycling is a very important step towards making our planet a better place to live for our children, and their children, and so on. Please go the extra mile and recycle to save Mother Earth!

Adding Affiliate Links to Your Blog to Make Money

There are many people out there that are jumping on the blog bandwagon, and they are probably wondering how they can make money with their blog. Well, currently I am using Adsense, and it is wonderful. But perhaps your are looking for other creative ways to make money. Well, in my opinion, affiliate links is the way to go. Most companies, however, have strict guidelines on whether you can participate in their affiliate program, and if you are a new blogger, you may not have the required traffic to be accepted into their program. For this reason, I started doing my research and it led me to one place. Shareasale. This is a compilation of almost every type of affiliate link you can think of, it is incredibly easy to sign up for, and with a few short steps, you will be on your way to having affiliate links on your site. To see an example of affiliate links, you can view my bowling blog. Here I have an affiliate link to a website called If anyone gets to my blog, it is safe to assume they like bowling. If they click on my banner and make a purchase, I receive 3% of the price of the merchandise. Now all I have to do is sit back and watch the money come in! TO sign up for Shareasale, which is a free program, click below and I promise you will not be disappointed. How can you be when it is free, easy, and makes you money! Good luck!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Refinance Your Mortgage: Should I or Should I Not?

There are many people out there that want to refinance their mortgage, but are not sure whether it is the right move for them. There are many things to consider when making a financial decision like owning a home and refinancing your mortgage, but with a few small tips, maybe I can get you closer to that decision. Here is an article I wrote about refinancing and some things to consider:

How to Decide if Refinancing Your Mortgage is Right For You

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to Reduce Stress

It is no secret that we all feel some sort of stress on almost a daily basis. The problem us, many of us do not know how to relieve that stress. Well I am no doctor, but I can tell you that I know a great way to manage stress with one simple act, and it does not involve saying goosefraba!

Funniest Car Commercial Ever!

This is by far the funniest car commercial I have ever seen! It almost makes me want to buy a volkswagon!

And check out this link for more funny videos!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bathing a Newborn Baby

I just recently became a father and I am learning something new every minute of every day that I am with my son. One thing I am learning is that it's not as easy to bathe a newborn as it is a toddler or an older child. For this reason, I have put together an article with some tips and techniques on bathing a newborn child that I think could be very helpful. Check it out at the below link:

How to Give a Newborn Baby a Bath