Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Barack Obama is at the helm and the big thing he is trying to push through now is healthcare reform. I think most people can agree that reform is needed. We cannot continue at our current rate or the cost of healthcare will bankrupt our government. However, some of the changes that are currently in the bill certainly need to be changed. If a public option exists, what is to stop companies from dropping their private insurance they offer their employees to save money? Will this affect small businesses? How much will it cost in the short term? All of these questions have yet to be answered and the initial bill that has been released is full of stipulations I completely disagree with. Part of the problem is also that politicians will not work together. Right now Democrats have control in the Senate and White House, so Republicans are doing everything they can to make them look bad instead of coming to the table to work together and come up with a viable option. In a way, however, I cannot blame them as if you read how the bill is currently written, I can bet you over 90% of Americans would not vote for it until some changes are made. This is not a way for me to poke at Democrats, this is my poke at the whole system. Let's all work together and come to a conclusion that a vast majority agree on that will be beneficial to this great country we live in!

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