Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Am Getting Sick and Tired of Political Emails

I cannot count the endless barrage of political emails I receive on a daily basis. The worst part about them is that none of them have been fact checked at all. They are mostly all opinionated and completely dilute the actual facts. I may not agree with everyTHING our current President is doing and all his ideas, but do I think he is a terrorist? No. I may be a conservative for the most part, but do I worship Rush Limbaugh? No.

The problem with those political emails is that they only get forwarded when people agree with what they say, whether or not they are true. I used to attempt to fact-check them so I could make my own decision on how I feel and what I believe to be true, but too many of them come in now to make this feasible. If you agree with me and you are tired of all the political emails, then stand tall with me!!! And by stand tall, I mean to simply delete them without reading them.

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