Friday, February 5, 2010

How to Make Money With Online Surveys

Many of my friends make fun of me for all the dorky, internet things that I do to make extra money, but that is ok. I enjoy making extra money every month that can go towards things that do not ordinary get calculated into my monthly budget, like new bowling balls, a bowling tournament, or even going out to a nice dinner with my wife.

The newest thing that I have started recently is filling out online surveys. I tried a number of sites, and most of them did not pan out to much, but then I stumbled across a new site called Opinion Outpost. I read some blogs and forums and the site had pretty good reviews. I finally signed up and low and behold, I have been a member for three weeks, filled out 5 surveys and have made $8.80! Now this may not seem like much to you, but eavh survey typically takes around 20 minutes, so this is not that bad.

If you feel like you have some free time to kill, and want to make a few bucks, check this site out.

Opinion Outpost

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