Monday, March 15, 2010

NCSU Almost Won 2010 ACC Tournament

And by almost, I mean they did not even make it to the championship, but they did get farther than UNC Chapel Hill! NC State showed a lot of composure to show up for that tournament, and get two good victories, especially after the disappointing regular season. We missed another year of being invited to the big dance, but still I am not totally disappointed.

Besides, our season is not over. Tomorrow night on ESPNU at 8:00PM, we will be playing USF for our first game in the NIT Tournament. IT may not be as exciting as the NCAA Tournament, but it still gives us a chance to compete and maybe even prove we should have been a NCAA contender. In my opinion, the winner of the NIT is a much better team than the never heard of conference champion that plays in the play in game anyway.

In any event, let's show a little pride and see if we can root the Wolfpack on to a few more victories. With our good run in the ACC Tournament, and another good run in the NIT, that can give us some momentum going into next season.

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