Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why the Barcode on Google Search Page?

Most of you probably have this answer already, but if not, today marks the 57th birthday of the barcode. And believe me, this was quite an achievement that changed the way people shop today. My only question is was it really that important than some other discoveries that Google ignores? Sure, Google is a technology company, and their main focus should be just that, but I can think of tons of electronic inventions that did not make the spotlight. Was there a picture of a phone on Google's main webpage to signify Alexander Graham Bell's great discovery on March 10th of 1876? How about the birth of wireless technology, like cell phones? This would seem pretty close to Google's heart with the upcoming release of the Google phone. Bear in mind, this is no boycott or slamming of Google, I just thought it was interesting they chose this day, this invention, to be showcased, when so many others are skipped over.

By the way, if you are wondering, if you place the bar code into a reader, the message is "Google".

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